Darlene_TadyHello, my name is Darlene Tady.  I am passionate about Jesus, my family, studying the scriptures and encouraging women in their relationships with God.

LIFE keeps me RUNNING in several directions:  Loving and serving my family, leading women’s Bible study, throwing “parties with a purpose” (retreats) at my lakehouse, speaking at women’s events, and cheering on my sons at their cross country races, lacrosse games and other life pursuits.  You can also find me involved in a fiercely competitive card game from time to time!

FAMILY: My husband, Dale, and I have four sons who keep us hopping, laughing, sometimes crying, and definitely praying. In the summer you’ll find us enjoying family and friends on the water at our lakehouse in Illinois.  Other times of the year, we love opening our lakehouse doors for women’s retreats, marriage workshops, and youth group fun.

RUNNING FOR JESUS: This website is named Run to Win and is based on Hebrews 12:1, 2 “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the starter and champion of faith.”  I love all the verses in the Bible that compare life to a race since competitive running was a significant part of my past.  Now, I run the race of life with Christ as my coach, fellow Christ followers as my teammates, and my eyes on the prize!  In my blog posts I share what I am learning from the training manual of God’s Word and from the hills, curves, and sometimes rough terrain of life.  I welcome your comments and interaction as we train together to be stronger for Jesus!